Travel Chopsticks

Travel chopsticks are ideal for eating your bento lunch, they come with a case so you can just carry them around in your bag for when you need them. They’re good for the environment too, it’s far better to have your own chopsticks to eat with than to keep using disposable ones that aren’t as good anyway. If you have any special dietary requirements such as gluten-free, this is also a great way to avoid cross contamination.

There are lovely designs to choose from at really affordable prices. It’s nice to have your own travel chopsticks to eat your bento with, it’s yet another personal touch that makes every bento lunch a special one.

Red Chopsticks Set with Case Crane Design
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Chopstick Box and Chopstick Set Dragonfly
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Stainless Steel Portable Travel Chopsticks
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Japanese Lacquer Chopsticks with Travel Case Green and Gold
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Plastic Chopsticks with Black Case
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Plastic Chopsticks with Case Red
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