Sushi Making Kits

Sushi making kits are ideal if you are new to making sushi at home. They save time and generally make the whole process a lot easier, plus they’re fun to use. One of the main benefits of using a sushi making kit is that you don’t have to shape the rice by hand, you just pop the rice into the molds and you’re done, perfectly shaped rice parcels.

Making Maki is one of the trickiest jobs when it comes to making sushi. You have to spread the rice out on the mat, then add lines of different ingredients, then roll it, keeping all the filling inside. If you aren’t familiar with making sushi, this is probably the hardest part and one that will take time and effort to perfect. With a sushi making kit, it does the job for you.

Sushi Maker Kit
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Sushi Chef Sushi Making Kit
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New Kitchen Sushi Maker Kit
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Leifheit Perfect Sushi Roll Maker
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Sushiquik Sushi Complete Training Sushi Kit Including Roll Cutter Rice Paddle and Training Frame
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Sushi Making Kit
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Sushi Master Ultimate Sushi Maker
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Sushezi Sushi Made Easy
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Sushi Magic Sushi Making Kit
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